Mandem: Poems in Pidgin English


Pidgin English na one of di main language wey plenty Naija people dey yarn. E hold our culture and way of life well well. Naija Pidgin language get plenty tins wey e sabi explain way pass oyinbo English. If you wan sabi Pidgin English well, e no just be to sabi di words and tins dem, you still need to dey inside di Afro-centric way wey we reason tins. Mandem: Poems in Pidgin English na Ayodeji Ajagbe’s way of trying make we sabi how di normal Naija man dey yarn ein own. Dis anthology na book of eleven poems wey go enjoy read and weep with lafta.

Meant To Be


Every love story begins when two people meet and ends when they separate. But their love
story ended the day they met because it was their destiny to separate. Definitely, a broken heart
is the worst. It is like having a broken ribs, nobody sees it, but it hurts every time you breathe.
When trust is broken, sorry means nothing. Meant To Be is an embarrassing story of love and
trust meant to be told.

Reasons To Live


18-year-old Oluwatimileyin Turner had seen enough of the world to know that it was unfair. He
has spent most of his life in the most dreaded parts of Lagos state, where men, women even
children risk their lives on highways just to make a living— and had barely enough to put food
on the table and clothes on their backs, barely enough to send them to school. Then Timmy
decides to stand up for himself and his siblings after his mother's death.
Did he make it despite all the challenges faced?

Reflection: Rulers and Preys


Reflection: Rulers And Preys stars a student politician Comrade Oluwatimileyin Turner, Chief Whip, a cynical, manipulative politician determined to become President. He is willing to use every secret he knows, every pressure point he can find, and every dirty trick in the book to secure his own rise to power—and in the process confirms just about every dark and terrible thing you thought you knew about politics.

The author, Ajagbe Ayodeji drew on his extensive real-life experience in student politics for the book, and the result is an electrifying vision of how exceedingly violent governing can be behind closed doors.



In a country filled with insecurities, economic hardships, cases of injustice, and lack of order, Debo Makinde – a lawyer and human rights activist – finds himself in a fight against the federal government when he decides to stand firm in a fight for justice for the victims of the massacre, as well as those of police brutality. In a country filled with corruption, hatred, hardship and unheard voices, Aisha Rufai – a creative writer, independent journalist and blogger – finds herself fighting against the system to raise her voice against bad governance and police brutality. A promising young man fighting for justice and equality between the northern and the southern parts of the country. A lady who just wants to be heard. Two ordinary citizens ready to give their all for a good governance. Two strangers destined to meet. Will Debo and Aisha win the fight against the powerful cabals who are bound to frustrate their efforts and make them fail?

What Happened to Helen


After a brief misunderstanding with her husband, Helen Davies – a bestselling author and story writer – needed a break from her marriage. While at a bar, she met Adedamola who was going through a messy divorce and trying to win custody over his properties and daughter. They ended up spending the night together but agreed to put the event behind them and move on. After Helen returned, she told her husband she wanted things to work out between them and just as their relationship seemed to be getting better, tragedy struck. She found herself being blackmailed by an unknown assailant who was bent on making her life a living hell and also destroy everything she has worked for in life.

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