In a country filled with insecurities, economic hardships, cases of injustice, and lack of order, Debo Makinde – a lawyer and human rights activist – finds himself in a fight against the federal government when he decides to stand firm in a fight for justice for the victims of the massacre, as well as those of police brutality. In a country filled with corruption, hatred, hardship and unheard voices, Aisha Rufai – a creative writer, independent journalist and blogger – finds herself fighting against the system to raise her voice against bad governance and police brutality. A promising young man fighting for justice and equality between the northern and the southern parts of the country. A lady who just wants to be heard. Two ordinary citizens ready to give their all for a good governance. Two strangers destined to meet. Will Debo and Aisha win the fight against the powerful cabals who are bound to frustrate their efforts and make them fail?

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