Romance Thriller

Meant To Be


Every love story begins when two people meet and ends when they separate. But their love
story ended the day they met because it was their destiny to separate. Definitely, a broken heart
is the worst. It is like having a broken ribs, nobody sees it, but it hurts every time you breathe.
When trust is broken, sorry means nothing. Meant To Be is an embarrassing story of love and
trust meant to be told.

What Happened to Helen


After a brief misunderstanding with her husband, Helen Davies – a bestselling author and story writer – needed a break from her marriage. While at a bar, she met Adedamola who was going through a messy divorce and trying to win custody over his properties and daughter. They ended up spending the night together but agreed to put the event behind them and move on. After Helen returned, she told her husband she wanted things to work out between them and just as their relationship seemed to be getting better, tragedy struck. She found herself being blackmailed by an unknown assailant who was bent on making her life a living hell and also destroy everything she has worked for in life.