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Hello, dear readers,

As Christmas lights twinkle with festive zeal and the aroma of freshly cooked jollof and fried rice fills the air, I find myself pausing amidst the holiday bustle to take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed. Today, my heart is filled with gratitude and warmth, and I’d like to share a bit of that with all of you.

First and foremost, allow me to wish you a joyful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. As we approach the end of another year, it is the perfect time to acknowledge the love and support I’ve received from each and everyone one of you. This year, your support took on many forms: from buying my books to engaging with my posts on various social media platforms. Every comment, every share, every review, and every private message has meant the world to me.

From the moment my first book hit the shelves, my journey as an author has been akin to navigating an uncharted territory. However, it was your support that transformed this intimidating journey into a thrilling adventure. Each book I’ve written, each story I’ve told, has been a labor of love, and to know that my work resonates with you has been the most rewarding experience.

When I see my books on your shelves, in your hands, accompanying you on your vacations, and becoming a part of your lives, I feel so accomplished. The sight of dog-eared pages, highlighted quotes, and shared excerpts fills me with a joy that’s hard to put into words. Your pictures, your messages, your words of appreciation, and even constructive criticism, have fueled my creativity and inspired me to keep on writing stories.

As a writer, I often find myself alone with my thoughts and my words, questioning if what I’m putting out into the world matters. But then, I read your messages, your reviews, and I’m reminded that it does. I’m reminded that these stories have found a home in your hearts. And for this, I am eternally grateful.

Your support has not merely been about the books sold or the number of likes and shares on social media. On a deeper level, it has been about the human connection that we’ve raised through shared stories and experiences. In a world that often feels too large and too complex, you’ve reminded me that a good story can bridge distances, transcend differences, and bring us together.

So, as the year draws to a close, I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for allowing me into your lives, thank you for being a part of my journey, and thank you for being the reason I continue to write.

As we step into the New Year, my wish for you is a year filled with joy, prosperity, and beautiful stories. May the magic of the holiday season extend into the coming year and fill your lives with warmth and happiness.

I wish you a truly Merry Christmas and a New Year that’s every bit as wonderful as you are. Enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones, keep the spirit of joy and generosity alive in your hearts, and remember, in the world of stories, you’re never alone.


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    • Mariam Obaijoko

    • 6 months ago

    We love youuuu🤩🤩💪🏾

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